MV Agusta Brutale 990R test


Chic ticket

Anxiously awaiting the arrival of the small 675, the Brutale 990 R is "entry level" at MV Agusta. Admittedly, this flagship of Italian industry still costs € 15,490, but beyond its curves and originality, is it really so attractive? ?

MV Agusta Brutale 990R


Appeared in 2010, the 990 R succeeds the 989 which itself descended from the 910. Between the 989 and the 990, many changes have occurred: the aesthetics have been redesigned without calling into question the goldsmith’s work. great Massimo Tamburini who designed the first Brutale in 2001, almost ten years ago. A nice stroke of the master’s pencil that has aged very little, but still deserves a little update in a world where some models change every two years. But it’s not just the lines that have changed, the frame and the engine are new too. It is therefore not a question of plastering, but indeed of an in-depth development, notably with the adoption of new housings that can receive a balancing pendulum.

In the saddle

Easy to climb, even for little ones like me (1.68m), the Brutale is not intimidating at a standstill. Not too high (830mm) but not too heavy either and equipped with a wide handlebars, it offers a comfortable position that is not constraining. Once in place, we discover a very complete dashboard which only lacks a control on the handlebars. Brake and clutch levers are both adjustable in spacing.

Counter MV Agusta Brutale 990R


Here is finally the long awaited moment. Does the Diva really have a voice? Yes ! Despite the loss of 2 out of 4 outings compared to its cousin F4, the Brutale retains a magnificent sound that would gladly give chills. We take the clutch, a quick tap on the selector of a very pleasant gearbox, the first slams gently and off we go !

In the city

This 1000 cm3 handles smoothly in the middle of cars and its size does not pose a problem. Like all four cylinders, its engine is flexible, which does not pose any particular problem in terms of dimensions. Certainly a scooter will do as well if not better in traffic jams, but our beautiful Italian is doing with the honors due to her rank.

MV Agusta Brutale 990R


Here on the other hand the scooter should have difficulty in following. Even in 100 hp, the Brutale has something to do with it! The protection is not exemplary, but it’s kind of the lot of all roadsters, isn’t it? The small deflector above the headlight saves you a little, but quickly you will have a small session of cervical weight training, if you do not respect the speed limits. In fact, it is better to find another playground, because here we are bored !

MV Agusta Brutale 990R on the road


There, the Diva finds a place more suited to her vocation. Very flexible, the engine becomes furious in the turns. Even if the bridle makes him lose 1/3 of his power, he keeps a strong character, without being too violent. It’s workable, without being tiring. It seems that in "Full", it is much more demonstrative and even remarkable for a 1000 four-cylinder…

Overtaking is not a problem whether it’s cars, or speed limits…. as long as there are no radars in sight, because it is difficult to contain the ardor of this beautiful Italian.

MV Agusta Brutale 990R on the road


Finally, here we are more calm. We will be able to play with this rigid part-cycle, make the engine vocalize, jump on the brakes, dive with the rope (it’s better than diving on the brakes and jump with the rope), well, in short, have fun. with a motorbike dedicated to pleasure.

Only downside both literally and figuratively, suspensions a little rough. Because it is here that the manufacturer has cut back for its "entry level" with a Sachs rear shock without cylinder or compression adjustment (adjustment only in rebound). A little tight in rear damping therefore, the 990 R jumps in bumps as soon as the asphalt deteriorates, which is often the case on departmental roads. It’s hard to enter the turn as hard as you’d like for fear of not being able to keep a flawless line. Too bad because the chassis would allow it without problem.

MV Agusta Brutale 990R from the front


A pair of 310mm rotors with radial mount 4 piston calipers, mounted on a 50mm inverted fork with a huge wheel axle, it feels stiff, it inspires confidence and it isn’t usurped. Nothing to complain about on this side, that’s perfect. Dosable, powerful, what more could you ask for ?

Brakes MV Agusta Brutale 990R


The position is pleasant, with brake and selector pedals adjustable in length. The saddle wide enough is well designed, the vibrations are contained and in the end we are rather well aboard this Italian roadster..

Admittedly, the rear shock absorber is a little soft, but on small shocks are not necessarily very well damped anyway. Too bad, a little softness in this brutal world was not stupid.

Brakes MV Brutale 990R Motor


At good speed, we consumed an average of 8 l./100 on this test, which is already relatively greedy. Fortunately, the 23-liter tank offers good range … but we would have preferred a less fuel-efficient engine and a smaller tank, it’s both better for the planet and the wallet.

MV Agusta Brutale 990R


The "scooter" resumes its rights as long as it does not end up in the ditch trying to follow the Brutale on the departmental roads. More seriously, you don’t buy a Brutale for its practicalities, but rather for its lines and enchanting voice. Don’t look for the center stand, but rave about the superb single-sided arm that will keep you from getting caught in the wheel alignment when you tighten the chain. You will also appreciate the complete and well presented tool kit, or the very complete dashboard (reserve indicator, and engine temperature, stopwatch, shiftlight …) and the small storage under the saddle.

Single-sided MV Brutale 990R


At 15,490 euros, the 990 R charges dearly for the entry ticket to MV. However, apart from a shock absorber that is really fair on a motorcycle of this price, we have to admit that the charm operates. The lines are beautiful and the finish superb. With its single-sided, star wheels, huge inverted fork and double-ended exhaust this MV is a real eye-catcher, that’s also the pleasure of having a roadster that touches your heart !

Strong points

  • real "mouth" !
  • nice finish
  • very expressive engine (especially in full)

Weak points

  • Ar shock absorber really too tight
  • high price compared to the competition
  • high consumption.


Test conditions:

Motorcycle showing 1150 km at the start. 220 km of a varied route in the beautiful land of Tourraine

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