MOTORCYCLE tour tip – Vosges rustic tour

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MOTORCYCLE tour tip - Vosges rustic tour

MOTORCYCLE tour tip - Vosges rustic tour
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MOTORCYCLE tour tip – Vosges rustic tour

MOTORCYCLE tour tip – Vosges rustic tour
Through the Mille etangs plateau

Tour tip

The tour is an exemplary way to explore the area around the Plateau des Milles Etangs on mostly paved mini roads, but with a decent portion of off-roading (approx. 10-20%).

Thorsten Dentges


Anyone who feels unsafe on unpaved terrain and does not have a suitable motorcycle should better distance themselves. The forest roads that are legally accessible (mostly gravel or groomed on compacted ground) are easy to conquer even with large travel enduros and retro scramblers. After rain, however, it is so muddy in many places off-road that Grobstoller is recommended as a tire. Disclaimer (with a wink): This road book contains routes for the adventurous. Since signs, junctions and place-name signs are sometimes missing or can easily be overlooked, all information is without guarantee.

Play it safe: go with Gilles! As a tour guide and instructor, the local off-road professional leads groups and individuals through the area, depending on driving skills and agreements, even more demanding and with a higher proportion of terrain. Info:

route: approx. 165 km / Travel time: approx. 6-7 hours


Download the GPX file here. 0.30 MByte

Road book

It starts in Echavanne, a few kilometers west of Belfort

> Grooved on the smallest road to Etobon

> on D 127 Direction main street D 619, After approx. 2 km turn left, first off-road section to Le-Bas-des-Cotes

> In Ronchamp up to the Church of Notre-Dame du Haut (entrance fee, including exhibition, but worth seeing)

> In Ronchamp towards Le Rhien the small local road uphill, further towards Le Plainet on an unpaved road to Fresse

> Towards Le Bas D 97 and continue via Les Potets and north-west on Route du Souvenir Français to D 486

> through Servance and on to Le Thillot

> about 3 km N 66 after Ramonchamp and turn left, then on small roads to the D 57, then through Corravillers and La Rosière (D 237) until again D 57 to the junction on the left D 136

> Follow the route and then via La Grange to La Rochotte, there on the D 6 eastward

> via La Longine to Corravillers

> on D 263 to the south into the maze of mini streets of the Mille Etangs (pond area)

> via Esmoulières to Faucogney-et-la-Mer

> further on D 72 to Ecromagny to Melay (D 293), then D 266 to La Mer and roughly to the east D 315

> again up to Servance and then northwards on D 263 Direction Beulotte-St-Laurent (there may be a detour to Auberge des Mille Etangs, rustic restaurant with refined cuisine)

> Loop back south via Motandre to the D 315

> about 5 km to the west and behind Melay on D 293 to Melisey (Lion d’Or – inexpensive lunch menu, restaurant, bar, simple rooms for overnight stays)

> about D 73 south to N 19

> by Ronchamp over D 4 more champagney

> Towards the south N 19 back to the starting point in Echavanne


Download the roadbook as a PDF here, 4.02 MByte

More tours and stories about the Vosges can be found in RIDE No.02!

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